Mark Himley is a composer, producer, and multi-instrumentalist whose work can be heard globally in many forms of media. Mark specializes in music for film and television and his music can be heard on high-profile shows such as: Keeping Up With The Kardashians (E!), Total Divas (E!), Total Bellas (E!), The Challenge (MTV), Catfish: The TV Show (MTV), and many more.

Mark creates emotive and powerful music that supports the emotion and drama of any given platform. In May of 2017, Mark's work on the animated short film Earth Angel was nominated for "Best Original Score" at the Los Angeles Film Awards. 

Mark first realized the power of music in film as a young child when his mother pushed the mute button while watching a horror movie; he instantly became fascinated with the role music plays. He got his first guitar at age eleven, and it became the instrument where he would first discover his musical voice.

Mark graduated from McNally Smith College of Music, earning his Bachelor of Music in Instrumental Composition. He studied under great educators such as: Sean McMahon (Spider-Man 3, The Exorcism of Emily Rose,  Ghost Rider, The Grudge 1-3, Drag Me to Hell, Priest) Adi Yeshaya (Arranger for: Prince, Whitney Houston, NBC's 'The Voice', Aretha Franklin, Burt Bacharach) Ken Chastain (Chief Engineer/Composer- Pixel Farm) and many more.

Working with Mark was a privilege. In addition to his exceptional musical talents, Mark has a work ethic that sets him apart. From the beginning of our collaboration, Mark worked hard to understand my goals as a director and the needs of our story. He went above and beyond making sure he delivered exactly what the film needed. He was open to all feedback and flexible when things changed. But above all, he’s just a great guy to work with! I look forward to collaborating with him again in the future.
— Kari Barlas, Director (Acceptance)
It (the music) sounds absolutely awesome and goes with the imagery so well, this is terrific!
— Sharon Sun, Film Artist (Light)
Está linda su (Mark Himley) producción, me da sensación de paz y expansión como de estar caminando sobre las estrellas dentro del desierto. Enfoca atención.. en particular la de “Lunar Skies”. / His (Mark Himley) production is nice it gives me a sensation of peace and expansion as if I was walking on the stars in the desert. It captures your attention, especially “Lunar Skies”.
— Ismael Carvajal Muñoz (Indigenia)